Have you ever wondered WHY you always feel like you can’t seem to keep up? Every month starts before you even realize it. Each week, the weekend flies by and suddenly it’s Monday again. Each time, you’re probably finding yourself unprepared, scattered, and frustrated.

I tell my clients this every day, but PLANNING is everything!! Have you set aside time to look at the month of February yet? If the answer is “no, February is just beginning!” then you’re already one step behind. DON’T FREAK OUT! I’m here to help.


Every month, set aside 30 minutes or so to look at the upcoming month. I recommend doing this on the 28th – that way you always know you have time and don’t end up pushing it off until too late.

Look at your calendar and identify any important dates, meetings, deadlines, projects, appointments, etc. that you have.

This is also a great opportunity to review the past month. See what you did that helped with business growth or serving customers/clients, see where you might have wasted time, etc. We want to identify anything that can be removed, or at least modified, to improve productivity.


Make your to-do lists, then eliminate anything that’s not actually important. Often times we will fill our time and procrastinate by doing busy work that’s not actually going to help us get any closer to our goal, but makes us feel less guilty about procrastinating.

Notice you’re spending a lot of time scrolling on social media? Answering unimportant emails? Doing things that make you feel busy, but aren’t actually helping move the needle forward in your business?

Scratch those off, and do the work that needs to be done. I promise it’ll feel good.


Now that you’ve got a good feel for what your month will look like, pick one day per week to plan the upcoming week and STICK TO IT. Creating habits and routines that work for you and sticking to them consistently is going to be crucial for your success. Again, spend about 30 minutes or so looking at your week & identifying what needs to be done. I’ll be going over how to plan out your week in more depth in next week’s blog post, so make sure you check that out!

Planning is the first step to creating systems that improve your productivity and set you up for more success and less overwhelm.

Where do you struggle most in regards to planning? Let me know below so I can help you tackle the issues you’re facing!

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