If you’ve ever had any sort of to-do list, you know how easy it is to overlook things, or how overwhelming it can be to try and tackle it all. Last week we covered how to set up your month, and this week we’re going to discuss the optimal way to lay out your weeks.


Set aside one day every week to plan the upcoming week. This day should remain the same each week if possible. On this day, you will write out all of the tasks you need to complete for the entire week. Ideally, you’ll want to make two columns: Personal, and Work/School. This will allow you to see your week as an overview, and break things down further from there.


Now, assign a day to each task. Try to choose 2-3 tasks from your school/work column to complete each day. These should be important tasks that, if you accomplish nothing else that day, you will still be happy with what you’ve completed. Think about it: If you’re looking at a list of 15 tasks, it’s going to be very overwhelming to try and figure out where to start. However, if you’re looking at a list of 15 tasks, but you know you only need to complete 3 today, and you’ll still have time throughout the week to complete the other 12 tasks, you’re going to be far more likely to tackle things head on than to procrastinate.

By limiting the number of tasks you have each day, you’ll end up completing far more, in a shorter time frame. You can add another 2-3 personal tasks to this list each day, but I highly recommend completing the work/school tasks prior to the personal tasks.


Once you’ve gotten a clear picture of what each day will consist of, create time blocks. Assign each task to a time frame that you know you can stick to. This will prevent you from procrastinating, doing “busy”/non essential work, or taking longer than needed. Set a time frame, completely remove the distractions, and get it done. I find that more often than not, the things we’ve chosen to complete take less time than we anticipate when we block out the distractions.


As a business strategy & productivity expert, I’ll cultivate specific methods for you to implement that will help productivity skyrocket so that you have more time to work on the things that matter. We’ll work together to identify EXACTLY how to get from where you are to completing your next big project or idea. Then, I’ll put together a step by step plan with timelines, deadlines, and A LOT of accountability to make sure we get it done by the dates we set.

No more spending hours trying to manage your tasks, projects, and schedule, because when we work together I lay out exactly what each of my clients need to do each day.

Moral of the story: If you’re ready to stop wasting time, gain clarity, have a plan, make money, and finally finish your passion projects… I’m exactly what you need. Ready to set up a discovery call & learn more about how I can help your business thrive? Book a call by emailing me here.

The days of scrambling to complete everything, wasting time doing nothing as you procrastinate where to even start, and never completing the important things are long gone, my friend!

Which one of these tips did you find most helpful?



How to Create Your Most Productive Week Ever

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