Before I ever dove into a relationship with Christ, I was convinced that Christians were boring. When I was in high school, I didn’t get how rules and boundaries that believers abided by could possibly be fun. I did a lot of things that wouldn’t qualify me as a “good Christian,” and I didn’t see myself giving those things up just to fit into a mold.

I was also angry, depressed, pessimistic, negative, and exhausted. When I looked around, I didn’t have deep friendships. I didn’t have people in my corner, because I was mean, and I was really good at shoving people out, slamming the door in their face & abruptly locking it. Even when I was happy, I felt an underlying emptiness rooted so deeply, I didn’t know how to fix it.


As I stepped back, softened my heart, and looked around, I started noticing that all of these people who were so joyful and kind were Christians. I saw His light shining through them, and I didn’t understand it, but I wanted it. I wanted what they had… What they experienced.

As it turns out, when you come to know Jesus, you don’t have to “give things up.” That’s a lie from the enemy. Knowing Jesus isn’t about NOT doing certain things. It’s not about giving up fun. It’s about gaining a relationship with Him.

Gaining joy.



eternal life.

What Living As A Christian Is About
Christian living doesn’t mean being boring or giving up fun.


It’s beautiful when we realize that it’s actually not about us at all. It’s about what Jesus has already done. Learning to align my will with His, step back, and surrender to His sovereignty has changed everything. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate prayer or a life altering moment. Jesus just wants to know us deeply. He wants us to turn to Him consistently. To abide in Him.


Maybe you look at me and think I’m boring. But maybe, you also see the way God has transformed my heart. If that’s you, talk to me. I want to help answer your questions – not shame or pressure you. I only want you to experience the amazing grace from our sovereign God.

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I Used to Think Christians Were Boring.

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