Since becoming an Online Business Manager, I often come across entrepreneurs who aren’t quite sure the difference between what I do, and what a business coach does. To be fair, this is a valid question since there are so many coaches in the online space right now calling themselves different things. Even if other business owners DO understand what I do, sometimes it’s hard for them to navigate if they need to hire someone like me, or if their needs are better matched to a coach. However, my role is very different from that of a coach, and once I explain this to people, it’s like their eyes have been opened to an entire new world full of strategy and productivity that awaits them! 


So the magic question remains…

How do you know if you need a Business COACH vs. a Business MANAGER?


-Guidance and direction

-Accountability, skills, resources, etc. in order to create a bigger vision

-Help solidifying your offers and prices

-Someone to help with mindset blocks

You’re probably in the place of needing a Business Coach.


-More efficient systems

-Strategy on your back end

-Someone to manage the moving pieces, team members, etc.

-Help delegating work to others

-Someone to make sure the outsourced work is being done timely and up to your high standards

You’re probably in the place of needing a Business Manager/Strategist.


In fact, a lot of businesses thrive with both a coach and an OBM! — but make no mistake, an Online Business Manager is geared towards someone whose business is already up and running, growing, and has a clear vision and direction of where they want to go moving forward.


Typically helps you, the business owner, get leads, find clients, solidify offers, breakthrough mindset blocks, etc. The focus is on the individual. A coach is there to do just that – coach you. They aren’t going to implement anything for you.


Typically looks at the business as a whole. Obviously we want your business to continue to grow, as a coach would! However, the manager approach is quite different. We analyze all of the team members, systems, strategy currently in place, etc. and create new, more efficient strategy and systems.

HERE’S THE CATCH. A Business Manager will also IMPLEMENT for you. Not only do we take the time to figure out what will make your business run more smoothly (and allow you to take back a massive portion of your time so that you can have a life again), but we will then take the action steps from idea -> operational. You don’t have to worry about the “how,” instead, you get to step back into your role of CEO, and watch the magic happen.

My role as an Online Business Manager and Business Strategist allows me to work as a partner with my clients so that they can focus on the things that move the needle forward in their business, instead of getting bogged down by the back end work.

Curious if your business might benefit from us working together?

If you’re wondering what a partnership with Be Elevated would look like, how we can help your business, and all the shiny deets, you can BOOK A DISCOVERY CALL HERE!


How to know if you need a Business COACH vs. a Business STRATEGIST

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