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Growing your email list is a topic you hear about all the time from everyone – coaches, marketing specialists, and online business managers like myself. And it’s for a good reason: Email marketing is how you build and nurture your audience AND grow your business in an intimate setting with those who are truly invested in you. It’s the one place where you have complete control over your audience, unlike social media platforms.

(Also, so many people think you have to have massive lists to be successful, and obviously you need to grow it, but nurture the audience you have FIRST. Just a side note for ya.)

With that said, the email marketing platform you use DOES matter.

Whether you knew it or not, not all email marketing platforms are not created equal.

And there is one that I HIGHLY recommend to all my clients – and you: 

Active Campaign! 

When you are sending out weekly newsletters, launch sequences, or freebie emails, you put so much time, energy, and effort into them. You want people to see it, right? Especially the people who have opted in and WANT to see it. Duh. Yes.

And I’ve run into issues with this on other marketing platforms. 

Here’s a client story for you that illustrates exactly why I’m such a fan of Active Campaign:

One of my clients was formerly utilizing MailChimp. We were running into problems with her open rates starting to plummet completely out of the blue. When we reached out to MailChimp to troubleshoot the issue, they didn’t know. Not helpful. 

Decreasing email open rates would be a big problem at any time, but it was even more annoying since we were in the middle of a launch when this issue came about. 

I told my client to consider Active Campaign – at least it would be worth it to give it a try. We waited for a while throughout the launch to see if things would change with MailChimp and no luck. So she was more than willing to dive into Active Campaign at that point. 

When she switched, her open rates more than DOUBLED within ONE email. We weren’t doing anything different with her email content strategy; we only switched platforms. 

Who knows – maybe they were getting lost in cyberspace or ending up in spam folders before…but with MailChimp, they were not being delivered.

Other Benefits of Active Campaign

In addition to this, Active Campaign has SO many automations. And if you know anything about me, it’s that I love a good automation! It’s just smart. If things are automated, they’re going to run without you there and you don’t have to think about it.

Even the simple things make a huge difference, like moving people from a list from an automated sequence, or having an automation that tracks who your unengaged subscribers are to monitor. You can send them reminder emails and if they continue to not engage, you can have them unsubscribe so you’re not paying for people who aren’t reading. 

You can also customize your templates and honestly…they’re so much cuter than the ones I’ve seen on other email platforms. 

Literally the only ability Active Campaign doesn’t have is building a landing page, but you can integrate the opt-in form on any page. 

Bottom line, you’re wasting so much money with your other platforms and here’s why:

  1. You’re going to spend so much time and/or money on other people’s time (like your VA or OBM) going through and manually doing everything that can be automated on Active Campaign.
  2. If your emails aren’t being delivered on these other platforms, you can’t market efficiently. I had this issue with a client where her email open rates dropped severely out of the blue. We switched to Active Campaign and her open rate DOUBLED with ONE email. 
  3. They have inexpensive options if you have a smaller email list and just starting out with your business.
  4. If you have another email marketing platform and want to switch over to Active Campaign, they will literally switch it over for you for free.

Use the platform that works the best for you, but I highly recommend for the sake of your sanity and business that you consider switching over to Active Campaign. The quality of your systems and platforms can be the difference between an efficient and profitable business, or one that doesn’t run as smoothly. 

What email marketing platform are you using? Have you tried Active Campaign? Let me know what’s working for you in the comments below.

Check out the free resource linked below on How to Price Your Offers!


How You’re Losing Money by Not Utilizing THIS Email Marketing Platform

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