Quick growth in your online business sounds nice, right? That’s exactly what I’ve gone through in the last couple months, and even with that quick growth I’ve been able to continually bring on new clients despite the increasing workload. This is SIGNIFICANT in a business.

How significant? Well, I doubled my revenue for two months in a row. And on top of that, I don’t have passive courses or income, so this is the main gig. But what people don’t realize is when you double the growth, it means double the work – and you need to be set up for that.

Here’s what you need to do if you find yourself in the same position:

  1. Get an OBM to set up automations and systems that are going to support your business as it grows. If you don’t have a strong setup, the quick growth is not worth the sacrifice of your quality of service just to bring on more clients and make more money. There’s a right way to do that. 
  1. Outsource in the form of subcontractors AND employees.

And #2 sums up how I am able to consistently bring on clients as the workload piles up. You MUST build your team!

Quick growth in my business required me to bring on a lot more help. In doing so, I was able to accept more work and double down. Here are some considerations to make as you reach this step in your business:

Employees vs. Contractors 

You can only go so far and be successful with outsourcing to independent contractors. Eventually, their time is limited with you. Any done-for-you service provider (online business manager, virtual assistant, social media manager, copywriter, etc.) will hit a certain point where they cap out on time between you and other projects. 

There’s a huge difference between their role and an employee’s: You can’t ask an independent contractor to be online and available from 9-5 every day and require them to request time off. That’s where you’d need an employee. 

Weigh your pros and cons and figure out if/when you need to start bringing on employees!

When to Start A Waitlist

This is where the next question comes in, “Well Brittany, if you are continuing to hire and grow your team, why do you have a waitlist?” 

I don’t want my business to just stop growing because I can’t do more or my contractors can only do so much. I’m still getting lots of inquiries, so I have to build the COMPANY with people who are on the same mission with myself and Be Elevated. 

But the thing with hiring more and more team members is, there comes a time for restructuring. We can’t just bring new hires in and expect them to know all the systems, automations, and procedures that your OBM has set up for you. You have to teach and give them space to learn how the business runs. A waitlist allows us time for this until we are ready to open up to new clients and confidently serve them. 

Let Go of Control

This is a huge shift, but you have to let go of some control and believe it’s possible. In this online space, there’s a lot of small businesses. They have a few independent contractors and maybe one employee, but there’s a way to expand and duplicate on a greater scale that I haven’t really seen much of in the online space. 

So many business owners are afraid to outsource and don’t even consider hiring full-time or part-time employees. But I’m learning quickly that if you want to continue to grow and keep bringing clients on, you have to train a team who can be another “you.”

What questions do you have about building a team, or just growing and scaling your business in general? Let me know in the comments below!

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