It’s so easy to get caught up in what’s next in your online business: Where’s the next client, the next paycheck, the next big thing? What’s going to make me successful or make me happy or make me feel like enough? 

Several months ago, my business dropped in half unexpectedly over one month. I initially went into panic mode. I was in this place of feeling broke and feared my business was crumbling. 

And I told myself, “You know what? If I never sign another client again, it’s fine.” 

Two months later, my business more than doubled. 

Before, my approach wasn’t about serving. It wasn’t about connecting with people. It was about convincing others that I was good enough for them to buy from me. And the funny thing about that is, if you don’t feel like you are enough right where you are and if you don’t live with a super grateful heart for what God has blessed you with, it will never be enough.

We need to refocus and be intentional with our efforts if we want growth that sustains and fulfills us. And that was the massive shift I made coming into this year within my business. Here’s how I did it:

1. I stopped throwing a pity party and started making it about other people.

I took this “palms up” surrender posture and decided if I never get another client, that’s fine by me. 

There’s nothing wrong with setting number goals, but when those numbers are just numbers and you’re not actually focusing on the people, they’re going to do way more harm than good. It was not fulfilling for me.

Instead, I made it about how I could serve the clients I did have. Rather than always striving, achieving, and doing and trying to get to the next level, I asked God, “What do you want me to do with what you’ve given me, and how can you use me in this season? How can I be a better steward?” 

Let go of the “Me, me, me, clients, clients, clients, I want to grow, I want to make more money, I want to hit this goal” attitude. If we aren’t stewarding what we have, there’s no way we’re going to get more of it, right? We have to show we can be responsible and grateful for the little piece of the pie we have before we can have the whole thing.

2. I reminded myself of the overall goal and why I started this business 

At the end of the day, my goal wasn’t to just make a billion dollars. I started my business because I want to give people this freedom to show up and do the thing they love without having to worry about all of the other pieces that are involved in it. Because that’s what I’m good at. And I knew I could alleviate this pain point for people. 

And again, I brought it back to the idea of my never signing another client or making another penny. The business wasn’t supposed to be about always chasing clients. It was supposed to be about HELPING them. I started this business to support people, and that’s exactly what I can do with the clients I have now. 

3. I started conversations to serve rather than sell

I told myself I was going to genuinely connect with five people a day without trying to sign them as clients. I just wanted to get to know more people, and from that, I’ve created so many amazing connections in this online space. 

I’m not just telling them, “Oh, cute shirt!” or “love those boots!” or “great offer!” I’m talking really showing up and genuinely caring about them. And when you do that, people notice – and trust me, they know your intentions. I know you’ve had people hit up your DMS, and you can immediately tell when they’re trying to sell you something versus actually wanting to get to know you.

I know for me, when you care about me as a human and I know we’re connected, it’s much more meaningful and creates a real community rather than a false sense of one. Think about when you bought a program or when you’ve been pitched to. How did that person you purchased from make you feel? How did they show up for you? Were you seen and heard and understood? 

Be that person for someone else. It’s so much more fulfilling than sending 20 cold DMs every day and hoping something sticks.

4. I started showing up with more value

It’s like a marriage. You can’t just do the dishes only because you expect your spouse to do something nice for you in return. It’s a give and take. 

So run a free challenge or create a freebie or even just show up and talk to people in the DMs. GIVE GIVE GIVE. This is not to say you have to coach them for free or offer your services for free, but if someone has a question, answer them without ever expecting them to buy from you. Just give out of the kindness of your heart.

You should be saying, “I’m going to give all of this to people because I want to serve them and help them and be a servant leader. Not because I want this to circle back around and make money.” Those intentions you’ve set behind your giving are going to be the make or break in this process.

Reframe Your Business Approach

Stop thinking about the numbers. Stop looking at your business projections. Start showing up. Start connecting with people and loving on them and caring about them deeply as humans. Then, everything will shift. I promise. 

More than likely, your business will grow significantly from these changes. But there will be a huge shift in your heart and your energy too. So much so that you would still feel rewarded if you never signed a single client again.

Let’s be the change in all of this because the online world is only growing more and more, and it’s only going to continue to do so. If we want more servant leaders in this industry, we need to be those servant leaders ourselves.

How can you serve your current clients well today? I’d love to know in the comments!

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