Should you DIY your systems in your business, or hire someone to do them for you? 

This is a great question, and one that nearly every business owner thinks about at some point. I’ll tell you right away there’s no wrong answer here, as there are pros and cons to either side. We need to think about the trade-offs we’re making and decide what is the best fit for YOUR business.

That’s the great thing about being a business owner – we get to make our own rules, create what we want, and make our own decisions. While this freedom is nice, we sometimes get caught up in thinking we’re doing things wrong if we’re not doing it a certain way (aka the way everyone else seems to be doing it). In reality, we’re just making trade-offs. 

Let’s talk about the trade-offs you need to consider with do-it-yourself and done-for-you systems.

Time & Money

If you’re going to DIY your systems, are you going to save money? Sure! 

Are you going to save time? No way. 

If you’re hiring a professional you’re saving a lot of time. But if you’re in the earlier stages of business, or even a newer OBM who is still learning, you’re going to have to invest the time. 

There are investments on both sides in time, money, or both. 

As an Online Business Manager, I implement systems for other businesses…so obviously I’m a fan of the DFY route. There’s a lot of value a professional brings to the table, but I also know and understand that not everyone can afford an OBM for their business.

If you’re trying to figure out which way to go with building systems, check in with yourself. Which resource is more available to you, time or money? And don’t say neither, because you do have one or the other (or maybe both). It just comes down to which trade-off you prefer or are in a position to give up. 


Do you have enough knowledge to implement your own systems? You can gain that knowledge, but again, that takes up TIME. If you don’t have the knowledge, that’s okay! This is why OBMs like me exist! Some of us really love and nerd out over this stuff. 

Some people would much rather learn and do it themselves and that’s totally fine! Just know if you do decide you want to implement these systems on your own, you’ll probably have to invest in training resources. And putting enough time into it could result in some pretty solid systems that will work for the time being! 


Maybe you would rather have somebody implement the systems for you and feel confident knowing they will be more efficient. Putting the systems in someone else’s hands will ensure that you won’t have to redo it six times. You would be trading money for efficiency (and time).

If you go the DIY way, you need to know that what you’re implementing is actually going to help you and not make your life harder, or waste your time by having to fix it later. If you choose to spend your time, you need to spend it learning the RIGHT info and the right systems for your business. Otherwise, you’ll have to redo them or end up hiring someone to do it anyway. 

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If you are going the DFY route, book a call with me! And if I can’t help you personally, I can refer you to my amazing mentorship clients.

What do you struggle with when you’re trying to decide between DIY or DFY systems?

Do-It-Yourself vs. Done-For-You Systems: What Should You Do?

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