We have had some MAJOR shifts over here within the Be Elevated biz and the team! As usual, July was a whirlwind but so much has improved and changed for the better over the course of only 30 days. 

I wanted to share what some of those shifts were, what’s coming up, and some numbers to give you a peek inside of how things work in my biz!

July Business Focuses

Let’s start with some focuses I had for the month:

Brand Shoot

I finally had a photoshoot with a San Diego brand photographer! I knew I was due for higher-quality content. One, I didn’t have photos to work with, and two, the ones I’d been using didn’t reflect me or my brand anymore. After the shoot, I realized my branding as a whole didn’t reflect me anymore either, which means…

Rebranding EVERYTHING!

New colors, fonts, logo, and website are coming! It’s incredible and can’t wait for it all to get done. We have one course going, another in the works, the Mastermind coming up, plus Launch Intensives and none of it is reflected on my current website, so it’s time for an update! 

Launch Intensives

I decided to open up Launch Intensives! This is an offer that’s been on my radar for a while and I was a little nervous about whether or not people would buy it. But after I announced it on IG, I booked out the next month within a week! 

BTW if you’re looking for September and October, shoot me a message on Insta or apply here!

Mastermind Planning!

This is an invite-only Mastermind and I’ve poured so much into this program! It’s a 4-month container with 8-12 business owners (depending on my 1:1 capacity) specifically for DFY service providers who are already booking out their main offer and have hit a ceiling with time or income. They want to make more of an impact, more income, and not sacrifice their freedom. 

There are so many ways to scale a DFY biz, and this is going to help you figure out which way is the best for you and build out a product suite that takes it to the next level! You cannot beat a Mastermind where you get to connect and learn from other business owners who are in a similar stage of business and motivated to grow. Want more info? Get in before it’s too late!

Changes to 60 Days to Solid Systems

Moving my course, 60 Days to Solid Systems, over to Kartra. Right now, this course is an email drip through Active Campaign, but I really wanted to step it up and provide a higher-level course for people that would also allow me a place to house future courses.

I looked into a ton of platforms and Kartra seemed like the best option for me – less expensive than Kajabi and more customizable, plus I like the email functions and endless options it provides. 


I made a big decision to scale down my OBM agency work. I gave notice to the majority of my client base and decided to keep just a handful of them on retainer. My goal with that is to have fewer clients with much larger retainers. It’s a lot easier for us to have our hands on all of the things and work with a larger retainer, as opposed to 10-11 clients with retainers varying from 10-60 hours. 

This was a hard decision because I love all of my clients, but it’s for the best for my business and for me as I get back to my zone of genius. I do have a business manager and I wouldn’t survive without her, but I really wanted to step away from managing and get back to strategy and do more coaching, hence the launch intensives and masterminds. It was really reassuring to bring the launch intensives into the world and have them booked out so quickly!


In July, I outsourced 277 hours. This was a combination of assistance with the backend of my business, agency, and my business manager.  

Total revenue for July was $23,253, meaning this is the number that hit my bank account. Total sales for this month was well over $30k – it’s important to make this differentiation between cash and sales numbers. I don’t keep all of this money as my own paycheck. This came from:

  • OBM Retainer Clients – $12,904
  • 1:1 Mentoring – $3,641
  • 90 Minute Intensives – $497
  • Launch Intensives – $2,538 + $499 (deposit for a September Intensive)
  • Payment Plans for 60 Days – $1,480
  • OBM Foundations – $1,594

If you have any questions, comments, thoughts, I’m happy to answer! These updates are fun for me to do and let me know if they’re helpful for you.

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Be Elevated July Recap: $23,253 + biz shifts and new offers!

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