Agency, agency, agency. This is the trendy route we hear about all the time for done-for-you service providers looking to scale their businesses online. 

Ya’ll. I personally have an agency and it’s not a bad option by any means. But I’m here to tell you that it’s NOT the only way. 

It’s a great option if you enjoy managing people; however, that’s not for everyone. 

Thankfully, we’re seeing a lot more intensives, VIP days, retainers, and mentoring come to the light as alternatives. 

Along with the “agency is the only way” mentality, I want to address people also thinking as a DFY service provider, you can’t make as much money as a coach. That can be true, but in my opinion that’s only a limiting belief and it needs to exit your brain, like, ASAP. 

So if you’re thinking, “I’ve hit my time cap – what’s my next step?” Listen up. 

Let’s talk through the options so you can ditch the misconceptions about scaling as a DFY provider and make the best choice for you and your growing business:

1. Passive Offers

Passive offers can look like creating eBooks, courses, templates, or even a masterclass that you do live once and charge for the replay. It can really be any sort of resource on a how-to aspect of your area of the DFY business. 

I will say though, it doesn’t always make sense to jump right into this before doing work yourself, so make sure you’ve had time to build the framework and the knowledge to offer something that’s really worth people’s money!

2. Intensives

This can work for both the coaching side of DFY service providers, or intensives for clients who want a high-touch, one-time experience with you. 

I started offering launch strategy intensives, which are 2-hour deep dives for very specific business owners and a specific need. It’s also priced at a premium because it comes with deliverables and resources I’ve already created for clients. 

These are still time for money, but again, you’ll get paid a premium because it’s a one-time deal PACKED with knowledge and services in your zone of genius. 

3. VIP Days

This is a similar concept to intensives (and you can charge a premium flat rate), except that it’s a longer time slot. VIP Days are typically 4-6 hours of your time, depending on the work needed, and your task surrounds a specific project.

4. Coaching or Mentoring

If you’re interested in coaching or mentoring, you can absolutely add these to your plate! Maybe you’re successful in your industry as a DFY service provider – whether that is a Social Media Manager, Online Business Manager, Virtual Assistant, or Copywriter – chances are, you will receive messages from other people in your industry who want your help. They see what you’re doing and they want you to teach them how to do it. 

The great news? You can dip your toe into it coaching or mentoring with intensives or short-term partnership before committing to 6-month+ contracts. Do an intensive and see how it feels. Maybe you realize you do like teaching and prefer a course or pursue a group program. Or you realize that you have a passion for 1:1 coaching. Either way, this can help you determine that next step.

I think it’s also important to note:

I hear from many other DFY service providers that they are tired of trading time for money. Let me be clear, you will always have to trade time for money in your business because you still have to show up. But these offers are ways you can charge higher premiums or make money in the background. 

Again, you are NOT limited to an agency. I can tell you first hand we think something is going to look one way and it ends up being TOTALLY different. Sit in the seat you think you want and give it a whirl! 

Which of these options sounds appealing to you? Let me know in the comments!

If you are interested in kick starting your DFY Business, visit this page to learn more!

How to Grow and Scale as a DFY Business (No, an agency is not the only way!)

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