We see people in online business going down this path of a “follow your intuition” approach, and it’s growing in popularity too. We, of course, want to pay attention to that intuition, but it’s also really important to map out your goals so you have a sort of GPS to tell you what direction you’re going in. 

Otherwise, you risk taking a wrong turn that you could have avoided. 

We need a GPS to tell us two things:

  1. Where are you going? 
  2. What is the most efficient way to get there?

This is how I run my business, client’s businesses, and all of the projects I take on.

  • If a client just says to me, “I don’t have any systems and I want to create some,” that’s awesome, but we need to have a specific desired outcome. 
  • The same goes for my launch clients. Your offer is cool, but what are we hoping to get out of this launch? What are your goals?
  • With mentor clients, we always look at what their 3, 6, and 9 month goals are FIRST. 

If their goal is to triple their income in 6 months, then there’s going to be a much different strategy than if the goal were working less and spending more time with their family. Starting with what is the most important thing to you right now helps us determine what trade-offs that big goal is going to require. 

Can you do both? Sure. Is it going to happen at the same time? Probably not. When you want to triple growth, it’s going to require tapping into hustle mode to some extent. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

The Framework That Works 

The four-phase framework that we go through with launch clients starts with the Ideation phase. This is where I want the CEO to tell me what her vision is and what she wants the most out of this launch. Essentially she’s saying, “Here are all my ideas, be my GPS.”

THEN comes the reverse engineering phase, where we take the desired outcome and map the steps you need to take to get you there. You can not truly execute something if you don’t know what it’s going to accomplish and account for every step that you need to take to get you there. 

Again, a GPS is the same way. It knows where you are, it knows where you want to go, and it figures out the best way for you to get there. That’s exactly what we’re doing in your business. 

You have to be that GPS – or hire one if you don’t want to be one. 

Let’s look at an example → Releasing a freebie.

So many people want to build their list through a freebie. 

I’ve created freebies and they’re a powerful list-building tool for sure, but you have to know what you’re doing. 

Why are you releasing your freebie? What’s the desired outcome?

If you just want to create a freebie to build your email list, it’s not enough. Go deeper.

→ Why do you want to build your list? 

I want a more engaged audience. 

→ Why? 

Because I want to make more money.

→ Okay, what are you selling to the people who download the freebie to make more money?

I want to sell this course and get more people in here.

→ How many people?

I want 50 people.

We could go even further and ask if you want a live launch, go evergreen with it, passive, etc.  But the point is, NOW we know what we’re working with, so you can create a freebie AROUND this specific program so that it converts. 

Once they opt in, you gotta do more than just deliver the freebie to get them to buy in. So, you’re going to put them into an email sequence that nurtures them with tons of value related to that course. This funnel eventually sells the course for you when you finally pitch. 

See how this is so much more powerful than just releasing a freebie blindly because that’s what everyone else does? 

It can be easy to do what feels right in the moment and get into #GSD mode at full-force. 

But what if we still make that decision, but take a step back and tweak something in the process to make sure that it does support your desired outcomes?

I would encourage you to always ask yourself “why” and if this supports your desired outcomes when you make ANY decision in your business. 

What big decision are you going to apply this “outcome first” approach to next in your biz?! Tell me in the comments!

Here is a free resource on How to Map Out Your Automated Client Experience!


Why You MUST Start with the Desired Outcome to Make Effective Decisions

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