Launching online products, courses, or services in itself can feel daunting when it’s brand-new to you, or maybe you’ve only done it a couple of times and it was utter chaos. Then, you hear the terms “Live” launches and “Evergreen” launches and the panic sets in….What the heck is the difference and how do you know when to use one over the other?! 

Hold up! We’re here to help, and yes it is important to know how and when to utilize these launch strategies. Be Elevated Inc. does full-service launches for multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses all over the world and have a ton of experience with both types of launching. 

Live Launches and Evergreen Launches each have different uses, purposes and strategies. If you’re looking to find out when and how to use each and why –  be sure to read till the end!

So, let’s get to talking strategy!

Live Launches

Typically, a Live Launch strategy consists of roughly a 60-day ramp up period! A “ramp up period” is the time you use to warm up your audience for when you launch your offer. 

The way we do that is by offering incentives (such as free offers)! This pulls people in to opt into your email list, and now we have warm leads once the launch goes live!

Once they’ve opted into your list, you put a strategic nurture sequence in place where over the next 60 days your audience receives emails every week, full of value and showing your authority, getting them ready to purchase your offer!

We then announce the launch around 3 weeks before release, with details like what the offer is, pricing, bonuses, and when your cart closes (or the offer & bonuses are no longer available).

This is a good opportunity to release another incentive to pull more people into your list and warm them up to purchase. For example: A free module or lesson from your course!

Leading up to the live launch, we hold a conversion event. This is a free live event people can opt into and attend. The goal here is to get people to purchase right then and there.

So for example, if your cart open is on Tuesday, then the Thursday prior you would host a live webinar and pitch your offer at the end. Everyone who signed up for the event gets an exclusive opportunity to purchase before the doors open publicly – and offer them a fast action bonus! A fast action bonus is a special incentive (a discount or bonus resource) used to push urgency.

Now let’s talk about Evergreen Funnels

This is a totally different ballgame compared to Live Launches! With an Evergreen Launch, we use many of the same pieces (landing pages, sales pages, emails etc.) that we use for Live Launches, but with a completely different approach.

Here’s an example of how this works:

Say you have a course that’s available evergreen, meaning it’s going to be available for purchase at any time. You released a free lesson that people loved and pushed them to convert, or buy from you. You then use this as your detonation point where people enter the funnel! 

From there, you lead them into a nurture sequence, where we send emails, give value and show them wins just like we did with the live launch. Then you’re going to have an upsell sequence of emails where you will say something like, “We’ve got this amazing offer for you, if you’ve been loving our content- this is for you!”

So how do we get people to purchase? 


We either give a discount with a deadline, so you could offer 25% off for 48 hours – something along those lines!

Now a common question I get at this point is, what if someone has gone through these sequences and still hasn’t bought a thing? What do we do with them?!

We’re going to put them in a downsell sequence! 

In the downsell emails, you can offer them something else you have, like a mini-course or templates, something that is still relevant to these leads but cheaper than the main offer, hence the name “downsell”!

That’s a nice little example of how you can utilise this strategy to build out an Evergreen Funnel!

When should you use Evergreen Funnels?

There’s something to note here – usually when you launch an Evergreen Funnel, you would have already had 1 to 3 live launches previously. That’s because we need to make sure the traffic we’re putting into the sales funnel is going to convert.

So, if we utilise different data, emails, content from our live launches, and proof of how they convert, it won’t be as much of a guessing game when we put it into the sales funnel.

I highly recommend you do 1-3 live launches before launching something that’s Evergreen, then aim to convert 5-10% of your warm leads (or even higher). When you put cold traffic into it, it’ll convert 3-5% ideally.

I would love to hear any questions you have around launching in the comments! As I have a launch agency, I could talk about this all day! 

I’d also love to connect with you as well over on instagram @brittanyannette or check out our agency @belevatedinc!

Your Guide to Live Launches and Evergreen Launches

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