Messy action only takes you so far, it’s time to set up your systems to become wildly in demand and consistently over deliver—without overworking yourself.

You’ve been hustlin’ in your business since day one and your hard work is finally paying off.

You desired massive growth and your business is expanding, rapidly. Fellow entrepreneurs are turning to YOU for their needs and becoming booked out is approaching fast.

The only problem? All the growth you're experiencing is making it difficult for you to keep up.

Your growth is ahead of your systems, necessary to-do items are slippin’ through the cracks, and your back-end isn’t ready for the work that follows those high-cash months.

You need systems that make it easy to manage your desired business growth for the long run—without making mistakes, forgetting important tasks, manually doing ALL the things, or burning out and living in a state of constant overwhelm. #nothankyou 

It’s time to rip those pesky post-it notes off your computer screen that have been tracking your to-do list and start implementing solid systems.

You need systems in place that allow you to show up as the BEST version of yourself for your clients. 

To hit the level of business you’re striving for, you need solid systems in place and systems can’t be something you make up as you go. They take strategy and implementation. If you want a wildly successful business, systems will save you.

Systems aren’t scary

they’re necessary.

Imagine how good it will feel to...

Know all the best platforms - vetted & tested by an expert (that’s me!) so there’s NO guesswork or research needed

✔ Have step-by-step instructions on how to set all your business operations up for success

✔ Get insider scoop on all the weird kinks & secrets of these platforms so you can take full advantage of them and get your money's worth.

✔ Have more white space to create in your business #byebusywork

See a massive ROI when systems are set up so hiring becomes a breeze

Have endless clients singing your praises, sending referrals to you, and raising your bottom line because you’re organized & overdelievering on the daily

THIS is what I want you to feel day in and day out.

I mean, we both know it’s becoming a problem when you send out all your new contracts with wild excitement... only to feel the immense pressure of meeting all the expectations with nothing but the looming feeling of overwhelm shortly after.

THAT is something I never want you to feel again


Your clients deserve to have someone who is on their A-game. Someone who is not only meeting expectations, but exceeding them. Someone who sends client gifts, checks in on the little things, proactively reaches out to make a plan, and more.

With systems, YOU can be THAT person.

Nothing will be falling through the cracks and you’ll be confident in building a sustainable business with systems to scale. 

Ready to welcome back more hours in your life and say see ya never to the constant headache you’ve been nursing over your current systems?


With 60 Days to Solid Systems, you’ll be able to:

✔ Not only meet client expectations but absolutely exceed them to the “this just blew my mind” level

✔ Scale your business without the headache or overwhelm

✔ Create more white space for you to create more offers, programs, content, or just spend time away from your desk #balance

✔ Set up and implement systems in your business to their fullest potential for more confidence in executing your strategies

✔ Over deliver to your clients without overworking because there’s a system for that

✔ Make money through your email marketing to create a massive ROI

and so much more.


What's included:



✓ Setting up ClickUp for yourself
✓ Getting your ideas & to-do’s into one place
✓ Tips & Tricks for how to utilize the platform for your benefit
✓ How you can use ClickUp with clients
✓ How to manage clients + team in ClickUp

Task Management



✓ The importance of SOPs & why you NEED them to scale
✓ Where to start with creating SOPs
✓Creating your first video SOPTurning video SOPs into written SOPs
✓ When & how often you would need to update SOPs

SOP Creation + Management



✓ CRM systems (Dubsado overview)
✓ Mapping out your client onboarding process
✓ Implementing the pieces (contract, scheduler, questionnaires, packages, etc.)
✓ Creating & testing a workflow
✓ Best platforms for ongoing client communication

Client Management



✓ Facebook group emails from spreadsheet
✓ Inbox starting into tasks in PM
✓ Creating gifting tasks within your




✓ Creating a content calendar 
✓ Setting a schedule for batch work
✓ Schedule out posts for the month
✓ Repurposing written content
✓ Repurposing video content

Content Planning + Repurposing



✓ Finding the right platform
✓ Setting up email lists + creating a template
✓ Creating & embedding an opt-in form for a landing page 
✓ Sending a newsletter + maximizing your email marketing strategy
✓ Email Funnels/Automation

Email Marketing



✓ What is Kartra/why this platform?
✓ Platform overview/setup 
✓ “My Memberships” - how to setup and edit a membership
✓ “My Products” - so people can checkout 
✓ “My Pages” - to create landing pages 
✓ “My Communications” - and why I prefer AC over Kartra emails

Kartra for Courses



✓ When and who to hire
✓ Where to find the right team members for your needs
✓ Hiring + Onboarding
✓ Assigning tasks out with SOPs
✓ Effective leadership + team management

Team Management

I loved how detail oriented this course was. I never felt like I had to google what to do next - Brittany always explained exactly how to set up every aspect of each system. It was so thorough. She also broke everything down into perfect little bite sized chunks. This course turned something that used to feel so overwhelming, into something I felt confident tackling.

I feel my tangled ball of chaos has been simplified and straightened out. The systems Brittany taught me to create have given my business some MUCH needed structure. I feel like having the structure of systems in place allows me to stay in my lane of vision and creativity.

I would recommend 60 Days to every business owner I know. It was such a worthwhile investment and has truly helped my business flourish!

-Laura R


This course gave me a rundown of some of the most essential systems and platforms I need to run my business effectively! My favorite part hands down was that Brittany gave us her recommended platforms AND gave demos so that we didn’t only get information on them, but actually got to SEE them in action and better understand their value and how to use them. She also gave us templates and guided us on how to use them to create our own processes which is so helpful. If you’re looking for the hottest tips and tricks to get some solid systems in your business, you will definitely want to take advantage of this course!!

-Kayrol L


I love the structure of the course. Brittany is always very good at making complicated and tangling things look easier to do. She is very good with the tech stuff too, BTS work. She knows her stuff very well and that is why she can share it effectively. Lastly, the course wasn't overwhelming bc knowing her expertise with systems, the course was presented in a way that all sub parts make sense to the whole (course).

-Loree  A


60 Days to Solid Systems is such a perfect program for anyone looking to streamline their business and get a solid foundation in place - whether you’re new to business or looking to clean up the backend! I loved how each lesson was a bite size piece with 1 action step. It made it clear & easy to implement. Brittany literally covers every system you could possibly need in your business and it’s like having access to an OBM for a lifetime!! If you’re looking to be proactive in your business and get ahead - instead of constantly reacting to everything - you need this program! It’s a total game changer.

-Sarah C


My client experience is killer now. Everything from onboarding to management to offboarding is seamless and automated. Things don't get missed and because my clients are happy, there's no lack of referrals coming my way.

-Brittany W


Amazing course!! What I love most about it was how well organized it is (not shocking! lol) and that you drip it out in bite-sized pieces that are easy to fit into a busy day or get caught up on if you fall behind. It has all the essentials of what I needed to get confident about organizing myself, the back end of our business and start to make progress!!

-Laura M


“I want to let you know that I totally loved this course. I loved that the lessons were short and easy to implement right away. 

The part that I enjoyed the most was definitely the onboarding lessons with Dubsado. Brittany is an awesome teacher. She made it easy for us to understand and implement with easy and simple step by step lessons. I would definitely recommend this course to anybody who wants to learn more about systems."

-Claudia B


You could continue to try to do it yourself, or you could learn from an expert who has been there, done that.

I grew a 6-figure OBM empire in under a year and I spend every workday inside these systems, I’m confident I can teach you a thing or two.


I learned just how important having an organized, systemized, and well-documented business truly is when my dad unexpectedly passed away in 2019. He was also an entrepreneur, except he didn’t have any systems set up. I had to step in and figure everything out with no knowledge around what he was doing, and honestly, it was HARD.

After we sold the business 4 months later, I knew I didn’t want other people to build something that crumbles the moment they step away from it -- and that’s why I’m so passionate about helping you build your business with systems.

Let’s get systems set up so you can build a sustainable and scalable business that grows without needing your undivided attention.

Hi, I’m Brittany,

CEO of Be Elevated!

60 Days to Solid Systems

is for you if you are…

✔ Tired of juggling #allthethings and feeling like nothing is organized. 

✔ Noticing “winging it” may have worked so far but isn’t going to get you where you want to be.

✔ Overwhelmed by your business growth and know you need to master the foundational pieces for an unshakable business.

✔ Feeling a busy season approaching and also feeling unprepared for it.

✔ Hesitant about which systems to use or which platforms to buy because there are so many options and you’re not sure what is best for you, until now.

✔ Unsure what a system even is… (you BETTER hop on this, friend!)


It’s time for some

real talk.

There’s one main question you should be asking yourself...

What will it cost if I DON’T set up my systems?

Messy action has a time and place, and that is NOT with your systems.

If you don’t set them up correctly the first time, you’ll have to re-do them later.

But the real issue is, you’ll just continue to spin in circles, you won’t scale, and you won’t be able to grow at the rate you desire.And I know for a fact you don’t want any of that.

If you’re thinking…

“But Brittany, I know I need to get things organized and streamlined, but I don’t have the time!”

Ohhh girl, I hope you’re ready for some tough love.

If you don't make time now, it'll only get worse.

You’ll either grow so fast and become so unorganized your clients will notice and leave or you’ll burn yourself out so fast trying to do it all that you won’t even want a business in a year.

Obviously, we don’t want either of those things to happen. This is why it’s so important NOW while your business is just starting to boom to get these systems set up and in action.

Your future self will thank you for it!

This is your opportunity to take your business from “hoping and praying” to actually implementing and feeling unstoppable because what you do NOW will make or break you in a year.

Q: How does 60-Days to Solid Systems work?

A: 60 Days to Solid Systems is a self-paced 8 module course (plus a bonus module - ‘cause we’re all about that over delivery life). You’ll also receive templates, resources, written training and more to help you jumpstart the process and make it as easy as possible to implement.


Q: Can I take this course if I’m just starting my business?

A: YES! When it comes to systems, the sooner the better! Implementing these systems right off the bat will save you months of headaches down the road.


Q: Is this course beneficial to Online Business Managers?

A: Absolutely! The information in this course is something every business needs. Meaning, you can learn these systems and then apply them to every business you work with!


Q: Can I take this course if I’ve been in business for a while?

A: You sure can! Any business that doesn’t have these systems in place can benefit from this course. As long as you have the time to put in, this is the course for you!


Q: How long will I get access to the materials in this course?

A: Fo’ LIFE! That means when we make program updates and improvements, you get access to those as well.



let's get one thing straight...

Systems isn’t just a trendy buzzword.

It’s what’s going to transform your business.

If your backend isn’t set up you won’t be able to scale successfully and you definitely won’t be able to double your revenue because it’ll be too overwhelming.

If you’re ready to transform your business, deliver a highly-praised client experience, create more income, impact, and space for you to create, this is what you’ve been waiting for. Are you ready to completely transform your business?

Sign me up!

60 Days to Solid Systems

Okay, I’M READY!


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