Do you have a process for onboarding clients?
If you do, is it as efficient as it could be?

It’s never too early - or too late - to evaluate the way you introduce clients into your business. No client should feel confused or uncertain about their first steps with you.

If new clients are asking a million questions upfront and you’re sending invoices, contracts, and important documents on the’s time to rethink the way you make a first impression!

This lesson will show you step-by-step how to map out an onboarding process for clients to make it a seamless and professional experience.

"In the entrepreneurial space, there's so much information overload as you try to absorb and apply everything you see and learn. With this course, it never felt like a "course". It felt like quick, actionable tips to implement immediately in my business. It wasn't collecting dust like my other courses. I was excited to see the emails in my inbox and know I could watch and execute on them in the same day."

-Brittany Wasmund

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It’s not too late to optimize
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Onboarding Client Process

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