Waiting for the day you can wave your magic wand and have all your systems and automations in place?

Aren’t we all?! But the good news is, until that time, I’m here to act as your systems and launching fairy godmother. 

The foundation of your business is everything & so is setting up your business to evolve WITH your growth & work with your lifestyle. 

We take your vision, reverse engineer it, and create a solid plan that will help you create and achieve your highest form of success. We’re going to take you from scattered to scaling with a complete strategy because winging it is for eyeliner, not growing your biz.

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My knack for systems and strategy was the silver lining to a major loss in my life.

My dad was also an entrepreneur and he unexpectedly passed away in 2019. He didn’t have anything in his business documented and I quickly realized just how important it is to have an organized, systemized, and well-documented business.I noticed when you don’t have these things in place, as soon as you’re not there, everything falls apart, and I know everyone wants a business that can live beyond them. 

After 4 months of sorting through and running my dad’s business, we sold it and I was finally able to let that weight fall off my shoulders. Only to be met with the harsh reality that I didn’t have any clients, income, or a business at that point anymore. After being waist-deep in my dad’s business, I knew this was what I needed to do for other entrepreneurs, so I invested the last stack of cash I had to my name into a mentor and went all in with my OBM business.

The week I invested, I signed 2 clients. Within 4 months I was fully booked out. Shortly after, my business doubled and so did my team. I grew Be Elevated into a 6-figure Business Operations and Launch agency in under a year, bringing in consistent $20k+ months. 

This work is what fills my soul and I want to help as many entrepreneurs as possible grow their empires with a solid foundation so it doesn’t crumble the moment they step away.

This is why we get our clients the results we do.

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So  Brittany,

where did this fiery passion for systems come from?

Meet the team:

Shelby Miller

I'm your girl for all things visual! It is my job to ensure your conversion & launch graphics are scroll stopping. I will also capture your brand's aesthetic and carry it into your landing/sales pages so that it aligns with your message.I am in charge of tying the project together & coordinating with team members to execute. Taking direction from Brittany, I lead the team to create your vision for a beautiful & successful launch

Creative Director:

Kailan Kalina

I’m here to serve you with the tedious tasks of writing out your sales and landing pages, email sequences, and social media posts. More than that, it’s my job to make sure your offer, your message, and the transformation you provide stands out and wins over the hearts of your ideal clients!



Katie Keeling

I am here to jump in wherever I am needed in your launching process. I directly assist the leadership team and support R&D. I am your behind the scenes tech girl and Swiss Army knife. 

Project Manager:

Karley Tucker

I am in charge of tying the project together & coordinating with team members to execute. Taking direction from Brittany, I lead the team to create your vision for a beautiful & successful launch

A message

from the team:

At Be Elevated, each of us brings our zone of genius to the table to make one killer launch team.It is our goal to make this your easiest and most profitable launch you’ve ever done.You’re not just in good hands, but the BEST hands with us - all you have to do is press play, sit back and sell!


Soufian El Majdoubi

I assist with the detail-oriented pieces of launch that are copywriting. I help make sure your copy stands out above the rest and stops the scrolls of your ideal clients!


Abigail Cantu

I tackle all the tech implementation and miscellaneous tasks during your launch. I work closely behind the scenes with the leadership team to make sure all the task oriented pieces of running the business are completed accurately and on time.