How to Have Simple and Seamless Automated Payments (Never have a late client payment again!)

If simple and seamless automated payments with your clients sounds like a dream, you might be using the wrong payment platform for your business! And if you don’t have one yet, this is your sign to put one in place – even if you’re in the beginning stages.  As much fun as it is to […]


Let’s be real — We’ve all had a month here or there where we didn’t accomplish as much as we set out to. But sometimes, those months keep happening… and happening, and happening. Kinda feels like you’re trying to run in peanut butter, huh? If you’re wondering WHY you always seem to be struggling with […]

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3 Reasons Your September Wasn’t As Productive + Profitable As It Could Have Been.

Since becoming an Online Business Manager, I often come across entrepreneurs who aren’t quite sure the difference between what I do, and what a business coach does. To be fair, this is a valid question since there are so many coaches in the online space right now calling themselves different things. Even if other business […]

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How to know if you need a Business COACH vs. a Business STRATEGIST

Before I ever dove into a relationship with Christ, I was convinced that Christians were boring. When I was in high school, I didn’t get how rules and boundaries that believers abided by could possibly be fun. I did a lot of things that wouldn’t qualify me as a “good Christian,” and I didn’t see […]


I Used to Think Christians Were Boring.

If you’ve ever had any sort of to-do list, you know how easy it is to overlook things, or how overwhelming it can be to try and tackle it all. Last week we covered how to set up your month, and this week we’re going to discuss the optimal way to lay out your weeks. […]


How to Create Your Most Productive Week Ever

Have you ever wondered WHY you always feel like you can’t seem to keep up? Every month starts before you even realize it. Each week, the weekend flies by and suddenly it’s Monday again. Each time, you’re probably finding yourself unprepared, scattered, and frustrated. I tell my clients this every day, but PLANNING is everything!! […]

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3 Ways to Multiply Your Success This Month

Everyone is talking about leaving 2018 behind and all the “newness” to come in 2019. While I value reflecting over the past year and believe setting intentions are equally as important, there is something greater we need to remember. I UNDERSTAND THE PRESSURE I get it… The pressure in the new year to do better, […]

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Making All Things New

I am a Christian woman. My faith is what my life is built on. As such, please know that I do not say anything you are about to read lightly. Jesus is love. So why do I see so many Christians acting in hate? I am so taken back when I see Christians being hateful […]


A Letter to the Christian Who Uses Your Religion as a Blanket to Spread Hatred

When was the last time you let your inner child out? As adults, I find that we often take life so seriously. All work and no play. I don’t know about you, but the more I connect with my inner child, the happier and more creative I am in my day to day life. We […]

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Why a Social Media Detox Might Be What You’re Missing