How to Have Simple and Seamless Automated Payments (Never have a late client payment again!)

If simple and seamless automated payments with your clients sounds like a dream, you might be using the wrong payment platform for your business! And if you don’t have one yet, this is your sign to put one in place – even if you’re in the beginning stages.  As much fun as it is to […]


Let’s be real — We’ve all had a month here or there where we didn’t accomplish as much as we set out to. But sometimes, those months keep happening… and happening, and happening. Kinda feels like you’re trying to run in peanut butter, huh? If you’re wondering WHY you always seem to be struggling with […]

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3 Reasons Your September Wasn’t As Productive + Profitable As It Could Have Been.

Since becoming an Online Business Manager, I often come across entrepreneurs who aren’t quite sure the difference between what I do, and what a business coach does. To be fair, this is a valid question since there are so many coaches in the online space right now calling themselves different things. Even if other business […]

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How to know if you need a Business COACH vs. a Business STRATEGIST