I Used to Think Christians Were Boring.

Before I ever dove into a relationship with Christ, I was convinced that Christians were boring. When I was in high school, I didn’t get how rules and boundaries that believers abided by could possibly be fun. I did a lot of things that wouldn’t qualify me as a “good Christian,” and I didn’t see […]


Everyone is talking about leaving 2018 behind and all the “newness” to come in 2019. While I value reflecting over the past year and believe setting intentions are equally as important, there is something greater we need to remember. I UNDERSTAND THE PRESSURE I get it… The pressure in the new year to do better, […]

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Making All Things New

I am a Christian woman. My faith is what my life is built on. As such, please know that I do not say anything you are about to read lightly. Jesus is love. So why do I see so many Christians acting in hate? I am so taken back when I see Christians being hateful […]


A Letter to the Christian Who Uses Your Religion as a Blanket to Spread Hatred