Launch Execution Blueprint

Master the Nitty Gritty Details and Launch Like a Pro!

For service providers who want to launch a digital project without the headaches, hassles, and “oh sh*t” moments that cost cash.

 I’m ready for a smooth and profitable launch!

You have so much to do — sales pages, emails, onboarding, automation…. But you have no idea where to start. Or if you’re even remembering everything.

You wish you had a crystal ball so you could peek into your launching future and avoid the disasters that come from missing important details.

How do you wrap your head around everything? You know if you just dive in, things are going to get missed. You need a plan — a blueprint that shows you a bird’s eye view, but also lays out the nitty gritty details.

You’ve googled it (of course). You’ve tried YouTube. You’ve lost countless hours going down a rabbit hole of free resources only to climb out just as empty-handed as you started. 

You’re hoping you have the basic concepts down. But where do you start? It’s all so overwhelming. And your client is counting on you....

So you stare at your to-do list — and it’s about a mile long. What do you do first? How do you make sure nothing gets missed? How do you integrate and automate all the tech? How do you turn this jumbled list into a coherent strategy that will help your client score big at the bank and save your sanity?

You’ve got a launch to tackle and the clock is ticking. 

✔️ Plan for every detail and contingency of a launch so there are no surprises

✔️ Fully understand the big picture and how all the moving parts fit together

✔️ Know exactly how to integrate and automate all your tech so open cart runs smoothly

✔️Know the ins and outs of every platform you use for your client's launch

✔️ Flawlessly execute every single step of your launch from start to finish

✔️ Wrap up your client’s launch exceeding expectations and knowing you didn’t leave any money on the table

You know there’s got to be a better way.

With Launch Execution Blueprint you’ll zoom out to focus on the big picture. Then you’ll zoom in to handle the details. You’ll map out and project-manage EVERY SINGLE PIECE of your launch ahead of time. And you’ll automate, integrate, and test all the tech so when you open cart, you know you're not forgetting a single thing.

Imagine how good it will feel to…

This is how I want you to feel when you execute your next launch. 

But if you don’t become a pro at executing their launches, the future looks grim. Either...

You’re going to leave money on the table and disappoint your clients.


You’re going to book yourself into burnout trying to figure it all out on your own

Launching isn't going anywhere anytime soon. And high level entrepreneurs are eager to find people just like you who can take the reins and help them execute their next 6-figure launch

You deserve better.

So you’re ready to launch like a pro. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and stress headaches.

In Launch Execution Blueprint, you’ll master the proven 4-part launch process that takes you from idea all the way to the bank. This 4-phase framework is exactly what we use at Be Elevated to consistently facilitate multiple 5 and 6-figure launches for our clients.

You’ll plan out all the things, then generate a doable timeline that will keep you on track. You'll map out your entire launch and organize your project management.

You’ll learn the ins and outs of copywriting, landing page and sales page structure, promotional graphics, creating irresistible emails, and synching it all together.

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Then there’s the tech.

 Launch Execution Blueprint walks you through each piece of software you need. You’ll learn how to integrate and automate everything. And you’ll test it out so you KNOW all of it is triggering properly and people are getting the right emails.

You’ll have access to done-for-you automations you can plug into Active Campaign to get you ahead of the game.

And you’ll be invited to my exclusive Facebook group where you can find answers to your questions and get additional support. You can even get your work reviewed by an industry-leading launch expert.

With Launch Execution Blueprint, you’ll be able to...

With Launch Execution Blueprint, you’ll be able to...

✔ Spot potential disasters a mile away and stop them from tanking the launch you’ve worked so hard on

✔ Get over your tech confusion so you can integrate and automate with efficiency and confidence

✔ Map out the big picture and strategically manage all the small details

✔ Utilize your project management software to oversee all the pieces within the launch and delegate like a pro

✔ Set realistic revenue goals, then reverse engineer so you can meet them

✔ Become a part of Be Elevated’s exclusive referral network once you complete the course so clients are sent directly to YOU

And so much more…

Take a Peek Inside….



✔ Ideation 
✔ Reverse Engineering
✔ Conversion Event Creation 
✔ Launch Offer Creation
✔ Automation 
✔ Testing

The 4-Phase Framework



✔ Launch Planning and Timelines
✔ Gathering All The Information




✔ Launch Workbook
✔ Mapping Out All The Things
✔ Managing The Project

Reverse Engineering



✔ Landing Page & Sales Page Structure
✔ Copywriting Guest Training
✔ Promotional Graphics
✔ Design Guest Training
✔ Syncing Pages & Forms
✔ Email Copy in Record Time




✔ Start Triggers
✔ Creating Goals in Automations
✔ Automations & Sequences
✔ Early Bird Automations
✔ Open Cart Automations
✔ Integrating Through Zapier




✔ Utilizing Your PDF
✔ A-Z Testing
✔ Adding Contacts to Automations




✔ Conversion Event Promo Sequence 
✔ Conversion Promo Supplementary Automation 
✔ Workshop Reminder Emails 
✔ Course Earlybird Open Cart 
✔ Course Open Cart Emails
✔ Course Purchase Supplementary Automation 

Post-Launch Analysis

Plug these straight into your Active Campaign account and save yourself the time and hassle of creating everything from scratch!

DFY Automations 


You could keep trying to figure out your clients’ launches through trial and error, or you could learn from a launch expert who’s been there, done that.

I don't feel like I'm just offering 'beginner launch support services', I feel like I can actually go in and fully plan, strategize, and implement what is necessary for a launch to happen.

Prior to signing up, I had supported some clients with launches, but I always felt a little scattered. And even though I felt like I knew the steps for some reason, I couldn't get my head wrapped around everything to help in an organized and streamlined way... This launch process with Brittany really opened my eyes to my own interest in funnels in general, so I'm really excited to continue to dive into this area of marketing and done for you services. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is intrigued by supporting clients with launches or even has wanted to help all kinds of monsters but has no idea where to start. So definitely sign up. Don't wait.

- Ariana Golub

Everything taught in LEB was beneficial and super helpful for organizing the timeline and what we need (as service providers) prior to helping those with launching. I really learned a better sense for how to help a client if they don't have clarity around their goals for launching a product or service.

Each portion of the launching process is a BEAST and after Brittany broke down HOW and WHY each tag, list, trigger, split, etc, affected each portion of the process, my outlook on launching changed! Utilizing all the components sets you up for truly understanding your contacts and not just having a ton of sign ups - but actually being strategic and connecting appropriately with them. I now see how the smallest details make the biggest differences. I’m so excited to implement everything I’ve learned in the program and can’t wait to put it all into action! 

- Brooke Scott

When I run launches for my clients, I make sure no detail gets missed and no money gets left on the table. There’s nothing that makes me happier than helping people earn huge money during their launches. At Be Elevated, we routinely manage multiple 5 and 6-figure launches for our clients. Recently we had a client bring in over $180,000 in sales revenue in a single launch!

But I didn’t start out that way….

Hey there, I’m Brittany,


And industry-leading launch expert. 

I learned just how important it is to be on top of your launch when my first two launches totally flopped! I thought I was prepared. I’d planned for weeks and was totally convinced I’d thought of every possible scenario I might face.⁠⁠ 

I didn’t know what I didn’t know. And it turned out to be a lot. 

But after two failed launches, lots of googling, and tons of trial and error, I created a system that accounts for EVERYTHING. 

I don’t want you to go through what I did. No more crossing your fingers while you stumble around in the dark just hoping things will work. I'm here to help ease that fear and bring a holistic understanding to the "why" and "how" of every step of executing a launch.

Let's get you set up to be a highly sought after launch expert!

Launch Execution Blueprint is for you if you are…

✔ Tired of putting out fires in the middle of the launches you’re running

✔ Clear on launch strategy, but have trouble wrapping your head around all the details

✔ Overwhelmed at how many moving pieces go into a launch or don’t even know what those moving pieces are

✔ Fed up with scrambling at the last minute, and leaving money on the table

✔ Feeling like a deer in the headlights when you open up Active Campaign and try to figure out how to connect all the tech

✔ Struggling with the nitty gritty and worried you’re not getting the best results for your clients’ launches

Everybody is launching these days, and they need someone like you to support them. You’ve got the passion, the drive, and the enthusiasm. But without a thorough knowledge of launching nuts and bolts, you won’t anticipate all the potential problems. And there will be many.

Things are going to get missed, costing money for your clients and reputation points for you.

You’re headed for burnout if you don’t get launching figured out. You can only run around with your hair on fire for so long. And I know you’re fed up with the "oh sh*t I forgot to do this" moments that come from not accounting for everything ahead of time.

Fortunately, there’s a better way. The last thing I want is for you to let your clients down and burn out in the process. 

This is your opportunity to get launching figured out once and for all. You can master the step by step launch process and sidestep hazards along the way. With Launch Execution Blueprint, you're never going to question what to do throughout a launch again!

OMG, I need this!

You can keep “learning as you go” in your launches. But what’s that really going to cost you?

You’ve Got Questions

Q:. What software do I need?

A: You’ll learn how to manage and automate your clients’ launches with: 
ClickUp — project management software
Active Campaign — automation platform
Zapier — integrations software
Kartra — all-in-one platform for membership, email automations, and more


Q:.  How much time will this take?

A: However long you need! It is a self paced course, so you can work through it on your own timeline. 


Q:. I’m a Done For You Service Provider — is this for me?

A: Yes! This course includes EVERY resource we use with clients within our own DFY Agency.


Q:. I’m a coach/consultant/course creator — is this for me?

A: Yes! Although we primarily have a community of Done For You Service Providers, if you’re looking to execute your own launch, this course will give you all the tools you need. 


Q:. I’m excited about being a part of your referral network. Can you tell me more about it?

A: Absolutely! Once you show me that you’ve completed the course, I will add you to our referral network and start sending launch inquiries your way. Be Elevated’s capacity is limited and our rates are premium so we often have potential clients to refer out.


Everyone is launching these days. 

You’re ready to stand out in the crowd of DFY launch service providers. If you don’t have your mind on the big picture and your eyes on the small details, something’s going to get missed and you’ll fall short of your client’s revenue goals.

If you’re ready to master launching from start to finish, hit your sales goals, and get the results your clients dream of, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

Are you ready to run wildly successful and profitable launches?

But most people don’t have a clue how to do it thoroughly and efficiently. 

Are you ready to launch like a pro?

Launch Execution Blueprint


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