High Converting Live Launch

An A-Z Breakdown of the Assets, Timelines,
and Strategies Needed to Facilitate a
Seamless and Highly Profitable Launch

The Anatomy of a


You’ve figured out there’s waaaay more involved than crossing your fingers and opening the cart. You’ve got so many details to figure out — from sales pages, to email sequences, to onboarding, to tech, and on and on and on....

All the pieces of your client’s launch are running around in your head like ants at a picnic. How do you zoom out and see the big picture?

If you don't understand the comprehensive strategy, it's impossible to get on top of a launch. Things get missed. And you end up stressed and sleepless, putting out one fire after another. Ultimately, you know your launching shortfalls are costing your clients cash.

Launching is complicated.

✔️ See the big picture far in advance
✔️ Wrap your arms around all the details so nothing surprises you
✔️ Understand the ENTIRE launching process and how all the parts of the sales funnel fit together
✔️ Anticipate and prevent problems before they tank your client’s bottom line

But it doesn’t have to be this way....

In The Anatomy of a High Converting Live Launch Webinar, I’ll break down the assets, timelines, and strategies needed to make launching highly profitable and seamless. 

Say goodbye to the panic that sets in when managing a launch feels out of control. Stop worrying about what you might have forgotten. After The Anatomy of a High Converting Live Launch Webinar you will:

The Anatomy of a High Converting Live Launch webinar will help you connect the dots. Not only will you get a snapshot of all the pieces necessary for a profitable launch, you'll finally understand the COMPLETE sales process! 

Get a firm grasp on how the months leading up to your launch lead into the freebie, and how that ties into the conversion event, early bird, and the public open cart. 

Understanding the bigger picture will help you account for absolutely everything throughout the launch.

I’m a Launch Strategist for high-level business owners who are ready to run seamless and highly profitable launches. My passion is helping YOU create a flawless launch strategy you can use for yourself and with your clients so you can stress less and make more. 

After running dozens of 5 and 6-figure launches for my clients (and for my own 6-figure business), I’m sharing my secrets! Get ready to take launching to the next level! 

Hey there, I’m Brittany,

Join me LIVE on August 5th at 10:00am PST 

Spend an hour with me and learn my best launching secrets.
Get your questions ready because we’ll end with a live Q&A!

Can’t make it? No worries! Anyone who signs up can access the replay for 48 hours after the webinar.

And here’s a bonus….

Webinar attendees also qualify for exclusive early bird bonuses when my new course, Launch Execution Blueprint, launches in August!