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Promise me something, okay?
No more winging your launches.

If this has been your strategy, you know it’s not working.

Neither do those courses that are all fluff and no return.

And we all know free advice on Instagram is nice, but it also falls short. 

You’re always left wondering how the heck to apply it all. 


✔️ How to account for every piece of your launch so nothing is missed

✔️ How to delegate tasks to your team and execute without total chaos erupting

✔️ How to utilize your project management software to your advantage (I swear it’s a life and launch-saver!)

This is exactly what you'll learn in... 


This 90-minute masterclass with a high-level launch expert (we’re talking DOZENS of successful launches under my belt!) will teach you everything you’ve been dying to know about how to set yourself up for success in your launches - and leave the stress and mess behind.


"I was so impressed from start to finish working with Brittany! Her process was organized and literally everything was up and running in less than 7 business days. What the what?! I still can’t get over how my intake form (that only took me a few hours to complete) was put into play within a week.

My favorite part of the entire experience was Brittany’s support. She was there to provide me the answer prior to our VIP session, during the process and even after our time together. She not only provided video tutorials, but she also answered my questions during my launch to ensure I was set for success!!

She knows what she is doing and I don’t LOL. So to have Brittany and her team take my vision and put it into practice without the stress was such a relief. It gave me the time back that I needed to engage with my leads while everything else was running behind the scenes during my launch."

- Lisa D.

What are you getting out of this?

➕ Familiarize yourself with all of the industry terminology you need to know for launching

➕ Learn how to think through every piece of your launch strategically so you aren’t missing a single thing

➕ How to project plan and structure it within your project management software

➕ How to manage the ongoing launch for maximum success!

➕ Q&A session at the end so that you leave with NO questions unanswered! 

➕ Lifetime access to the Masterclass replay so you can refer back to it whenever!

DATE: May 14th, 2021
TIME: 10:00 AM PST

 We're all about intentionality around here, and I want you to experience what a difference it makes for you the next time you launch.
And the next time. 

And every time after that.

Pssst. It’s ONLY $47 to attend!

PLUS you get our very own launch planning ClickUp template that we use for every launch at Be Elevated, Inc (which is worth $100 in and of itself!)

Launching doesn’t have to be a pain - you just need the right PLAN. 
And I’m going to teach you how it’s done.



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Learning how to map out a strategic year of offers and launches in your business

Creating an offer schedule that supports your ascension model product suite

Understanding the important data and analytics involved in creating business projections 

Identifying the gaps in your business plan by making data driven decisions

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Month 02


Understanding how getting ahead and having higher projections go hand in hand

Learning my strategic method for getting (and staying) 3 months ahead of your offers and marketing plan (in other words: you’ll have the next 3 months of work DONE and ready to roll from A-Z year round)

Creating a marketing plan that’s based on data and is proven to multiply your revenue

Cultivating a business that is GENUINELY proactive beyond just having systems setup

Month 03


Learning the anatomy of a business that can scale to a million dollars and beyond 

Identifying what seats need to be filled beyond that of just your contractors

Understanding who the right people are for the roles you need

Creating a lucrative team that will grow with you for the long haul (I’m talking 5-10 years, not 5-10 months)

Month 04

Now, it’s allll right at your fingertips - and for under $50! 

Hey there, I’m Brittany, your Systems, Funnels + Launching expert here to help you make your wildest launch dreams possible - and profitable AF!

I know how nitty gritty it can get trying to figure out every aspect of a launch, let alone one that performs BIG for you. Trust me, I’ve been there. It took me a full year of trial and error to get it right myself. 

But once I figured out how to manage all of the moving pieces, I could coast through the execution with full confidence, knowing that we would see massive results.

I wanted to create an opportunity to actually TEACH you how to launch and make the same kind of knowledge accessible that I offer to my DFY package and launch intensive clients. 

I'm IN!

After the masterclass, you’ll walk away with everything you need to create fully planned out (and manageable) launches in your business so you can delegate & carry out the entire process seamlessly and confidently.

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