Ready to create a company legacy that’s going to outlive you?

For the booked out done-for-you service provider ready to shatter their own glass ceiling by creating a product suite built for profit and a tangible strategy to surpass your projections for the year.
- no fluff guaranteed.

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The online done-for-you space is poppin’ (and so is your business)!

Que the champagne

You’re booked out with a waitlist, pushing start dates out a month, and generating more money than ever before.

You already look like you’re living the dream sister, but what you know that they don’t is how strapped for time and even capped on income you are.

But until then, there’s gotta be a better way (and there is).

*Sigh* if only you could duplicate yourself.

Right now, are you feeling…

Stuck because you can’t possibly take on one more client?

Burnt out because you don’t want to say no to dream clients who keep filling out your contact form?

Overwhelmed because you’re spreading yourself too thin and you’re working outside of your “office hours”?

Wanting to create something bigger than just YOU but feel like you can’t quite figure out how?

We both know you’re capable of more—impacting more clients, providing more jobs, and generating more income.

You’ve seen other done-for-you businesses scale and flaunt flashy numbers that you’d kill to see in your bank account (‘cause let’s be real, $10-20k revenue months ain’t cutting it). 

You can’t help but wonder, HOW did they do it?I’ll spill the tea.

(Hint: It all comes down to assessing the data and cultivating a strategic plan from there)

Did you catch yourself nodding along?


A 4-month mastermind created specifically for done-for-you service providers who want to build out a rock solid product suite, set goals that terrify and excite you, and actually know how to reach them by making data driven decisions.

When you finish this mastermind, you’ll walk away with a product suite built for profit, a year of plans and projections, and a tangible strategy to turn your business into a legacy.

This means your dream clients will pay you more money for less work, leaving you with more freedom, less stress, and a business that expanded its reach (and revenue) in a way you can be proud of and feel good about.



Introducing the

Hiring Brittany was SUCH an important decision in my business. I knew I needed to scale.I knew I needed some help. I knew I had so many ideas that I needed someone to help me take from concept to a profitable service. I didn’t just need another business coach though! I needed someone who had been in my shoes, that had walked the walk, and that had experienced everything I had questions on. I needed more than just advice. I needed someone to show me how to do the things for my own personality.

I was booked out within a month of working with Brittany. I’ve had so many cool things happen since! Having Brittany in my corner asking questions and being able to deep dive into everything from planning, to execution, to the end result has been a huge blessing and I’m so grateful to have her in my life.

-Brittany W


What's included:

This Mastermind gives you high-level support that will catapult you to the next level of business.

Expert, experienced guidance from Brittany for building out your product suite for profit. This will take work, but you’ll learn what your options are, how to set them up, and next steps to start to scale it.

Structured group trainings for building community with like-minded individuals who have similar goals as you for the ultimate learning experience.

One 80-minute group coaching call per month to learn from a presentation and ask all of your burning questions related to expanding, scaling, and thriving in your online business.

One 1:1 45-minute call per month with Brittany to get customized support as you build out the perfect product for you.

Group Slack channel for daily support from Brittany and other group members.

Private Slack DM thread with Brittany for an extra layer of high-level customized support

 Accountability buddies for extra support.

Access to ALL of my courses, templates + more!


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Inside the Ascend Mastermind, you’ll receive everything you need to create, plan, and execute on your big vision of expansion for the next year - with offers that support your long term goals - in just four months.

The curriculum is based on proven methods that rely on FACTS in your business. It’s not a matter of if the plan we cultivate for you will work -- it’s a matter of looking at the right numbers in the right places to ensure it does. Zero fluff involved.

An OBM, VA, SMM, or any other done-for-you service provider who’s been craving a different way to create something huge, but hasn’t had the know-how (until now!)

Already booked out with your main high-ticket offer and you’re ready to take it to the next level.

You need an actual plan to reach your “holy crap” level goal -- and not just someone telling you to “believe you will and it'll happen!”

All about community and collaboration with other female entrepreneurs who get you.

Ready to feel confident in hitting your projections because you have a strategic plan based on data


Creating a company that surpasses your wildest dreams doesn’t have to be something that will happen “someday,” it’s time to make it happen now! With this tight-knit mastermind, you’ll walk away with an entirely new way of approaching your business for the rest of your entrepreneurial career.


Understanding the ascension model product suite

Brainstorming your possible offers to fill the ladder

Walking through the best options for your product format 

How to map out your profitable product suite

Determining which offer(s) make the most sense to create based on your goals, ICA, and research.

Month 01


Learning how to map out a strategic year of offers and launches in your business

Creating an offer schedule that supports your ascension model product suite

Understanding the important data and analytics involved in creating business projections 

Identifying the gaps in your business plan by making data driven decisions

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Month 02


Understanding how getting ahead and having higher projections go hand in hand

Learning my strategic method for getting (and staying) 3 months ahead of your offers and marketing plan (in other words: you’ll have the next 3 months of work DONE and ready to roll from A-Z year round)

Creating a marketing plan that’s based on data and is proven to multiply your revenue

Cultivating a business that is GENUINELY proactive beyond just having systems setup

Month 03


Learning the anatomy of a business that can scale to a million dollars and beyond 

Identifying what seats need to be filled beyond that of just your contractors

Understanding who the right people are for the roles you need

Creating a lucrative team that will grow with you for the long haul (I’m talking 5-10 years, not 5-10 months)

Month 04


Newer to the entrepreneurial world and struggling to get clients. Trust me when I say we have ALL been there, but this mastermind is a biiiit beyond where you’re currently at. (Come see us next round!)

Not set up with the foundational pieces of your business yet. In order to build out a product suite, you need to have the business basics covered. Check out OBM Foundations here to get those covered! 

Ascend Mastermind

Not sure if a Mastermind is for you?

I think these points will make you think again. Here’s why you should reconsider: 

Plus, you’ll still have high-level support and 1:1 access to Brittany without the 1:1 price tag!

Masterminds allow you to learn from other people’s questions, even if it wasn’t a question you thought of at the time

Collaborating with other business owners who are at the same level you’re at can be wildly impactful to propelling you forward. You can bounce ideas off each other, share tips, and learn from each other.

You’ll be paired up with accountability buddies within the group to help you each keep each other accountable and on track with your goals and tasks.

You’ll finally have a tight-knit group of entrepreneurs in your corner who “get” it, support you, and encourage you.

This Mastermind is a safe place to be heard, seen, and cheered on.

Please note: spots are extremely limited in order to keep the mastermind intimate. 
We will reach out to determine if you’d be the right fit!

Apply now for the next cohort here!

Imagine how good it will feel when you:

Increase your revenue without clocking in more hours

Build out a strategic product suite and generate passive income from it on repeat (PayPal notifications comin’ in HOT)

Serve even more entrepreneurs than you thought was possible

Be 3-6 months ahead of your business at all times 

Build out your dream team

Know how to confidently make data driven decisions that support your long term goals

Feel energized by what you’re building, knowing it will outlive you (instead of feeling like a burnt out one-woman show despite having a small team)

Finally let go of the stress and overwhelm of trying to scale a DFY business when it feels like so many coaches just don’t get it 

Feel immensely proud of your business and feel good about how your choosing to scale in a sustainable way

This Mastermind will teach you exactly what you need to focus on to scale your business to a level you’ve only dreamed of, and do it in record time.

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The women inside this mastermind are hand picked to ensure we have an incredible group of personalities entering into this sisterhood.

You’re not just taking the next step in your business, you’re also connecting with biz besties in an environment that will catapult you into a new season of growth and transformation in all areas of your life.

Are you ready for expansion!?