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We make your wildest champagne poppin’ launch & systems dreams possible (and insanely profitable) so you can focus on overdelivering for your clients—without the added stress.

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You’re getting bogged down with all the to-do sticky notes you’ve plastered around your screen, cutting corners to save time, and experiencing flopped launches because you’re scrambling and splitting your attention.

Time is money, and it’s time to stop wasting yours slapping band-aids on the backend of your business and patching together your launch strategies based on what you see others doing.

From self-paced to high-level strategy, we’re your one stop agency to bring your vision to life.

There’s a better way—and we’ve created it for you.

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Hey, I'm

CEO of Be Elevated, business operations & launch expert, pittie mom.

My knack for systems and strategy was the silver lining to a major loss in my life.

I started this business to help entrepreneurs build sustainable and scalable businesses that grow without needing their undivided attention. As an agency, we’ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs hit 5 and 6 figure launches with our custom framework and set up systems to automate as much as humanly possible to allow clients to increase their bottom line and focus on their client experience.

Our model is designed to save you weeks of work and give you peace of mind, knowing that everything has been accounted for, created, and implemented for you. You can put the tylenol down, there’s no headaches here.

Ready to see some extra zeros in that bank account with the right approach to systems & launches?



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-Krissy F

"I would absolutely recommend Brittany as a coach! I loved how honest and real her feedback was. I did not want to work with someone who was just going to tell me what I wanted to hear.

When we started, I felt overwhelmed, by the end I felt at ease. Within a week I booked THREE paid sessions! I gained so much clarity in working with Brittany, she really helped me better understand who I should and should not be focused on. 

-Laura R

"I feel my tangled ball of chaos has been simplified and straightened out. The systems Brittany taught me to create have given my business some MUCH needed structure. I feel like having the structure of systems in place allows me to stay in my lane of vision and creativity.

I would recommend 60 Days to every business owner I know. It was such a worthwhile investment and has truly helped my business flourish!"

-Lisa D

"I was so impressed from start to finish working with Brittany! Her process was organized and literally everything was up and running in less than 7 business days. What the what?! 

She knows what she is doing and I don’t LOL. So to have Brittany and her team take my vision and put it into practice without the stress was such a relief. It gave me the time back that I needed to engage with my leads while everything else was running behind the scenes during my launch.